Welcome to Jackson College

Thank you for your interest in Jackson College, a nationally recognized, student-centered, innovative, leader in higher education that is Totally Committed to Student Success, or (TCS2). It’s our way of saying that, in all that we do, we are focused upon helping you to complete your program of study that leads to a recognized credential of market value, an associate degree, transfer to a baccalaureate-granting institution, or immediate employment.

To assist you in reaching your goal, we’ve assembled a core team of ‘Student Success Navigators’ who serve as your personal guide and advocate for the entire time you are at Jackson College. They will spend the necessary time with you to understand your personal goals and help chart your educational success plan. They will also listen to the challenges you may be facing, and bring to bear resources, tools, and ideas to help you on your journey. With our TCS2 approach, your success is inescapable, when you do your part.

You should also know that we are proud of our organizational culture of service to others. We spend a lot of time finding the right people to work at Jackson College, employees who enjoy assisting and empowering others to reach higher and succeed. In sum, Jackson College is a pretty special and uncommon place. I hope you’ll consider experiencing the uniqueness of Jackson College!

Best Wishes…

President Phelan smiling
President Phelan at commencement
Dan Phelan in front of Walker Hall
Dan Phelan with male student
Dan Phelan with female student
President Phelan at desk
President Phelan talking to female student
Dan Phelan talking with male student
President Phelan
Dan Phelan smiling

Dr. Daniel J. Phelan, President & CEO


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